Aistė started to play the harp when she was 6 and entered the music school of B. Dvarionas (teacher G. Jakaitienė), from 2003 she was a student of National M.K.Čiurlionis Art school ( teacher D.Šlyžienė ). Recently, in April 2014  Aistė graduated from the Higher music school of Paris „Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris“  harp professor I. Perrin’s class, where she obtained her Soloist diploma. Since September 2013 she is successfully continuing her studies in National Conservatory of Music and dance of Paris ( CNSMD de Paris), with a worldwide harpist I. Moretti.

Young harpist has many concerts in Lithuania and abroad. Since the year of 2000, not once she has played with B.Dvarionas and M.K.Čiurlionis schools Chamber and students orchestras, State, National Symphonic and Chamber music Orchestras of Lithuania, ensemble „Musica Humana“ . Aiste is a member of many International festivals, such as Young Stars Festival (Latvia), „Kaunas 2007 “, (Lithuania)” Festspiele Mecklenburg – Vorpommern (Germany), St. Christopher Summer Festival, (Lithuania) “The Magic Harp sounds, (Moscow). She also actively participates in masterclasses in Lithuania and abroad, gaining stage experience from the world’s best teachers – Susan Mc Donald, Florence Sitruk, Milda Agazarian, Skaila Kanga, Isabel Moretti, Patricia Tassini, Isabelle Perrin and others.

Aiste‘s participation in competitions is always successful – three laureate diplomas in several Respublican B. Dvarionas competitions, III-rd place in Respublican R.Katilius Young Performers competition, I-st place in International F. Godefroid harp competition in Belgium, I-st  place in 17th International Young musicians competition  „Sigulda 2007“ in Latvia, The Mention, in 6th International Lily Laskine Harp Competition in Paris, II-nd place in International Chamber ensembles competition „Music aquarelle“ in Anykščiai, Lithuania, and two I-st  places International competition „Concours français de la Harpe“ in Limoges, France,  II-nd place in Concours International de Harpe „Martine Geliot“ Jaunes Talents in 2010.

In 2008 Aiste has been invited by Japanese Recording company „King International Inc.“ to record her own CD. She became the first lithuanian harpist, who has recorded her solo album.

In 2011 Aiste was awarded with honourable mention of Lithuania‘s President. Also she was selected and invited to participate in XI World Harp Congress in Vancouver, Canada in 2011 summer.

Latest young harpist achievements were the I-st place in International harp competition “Concours Francais de la harpe” highest category “Excellent”, that took place in Limoges, France, in February 2013. Just a month after she succeeded in entering the CNSMD de Paris, for her bachelor studies. In December 2013, Aiste has won a III-rd place  in the „3rd International harp competition“ in Szeged, Hungary.